Let’s return to Silent Hill

I never thought that I would ever see anything more from Konami with the Silent Hill series. I thought that it would be lost to time until Konami decided to flip the script with the announcement of the remake of Silent Hill 2 and some new projects that I have renewed hope that this series … Continue reading Let’s return to Silent Hill

2021 Games of the Year

2021 is over. It has been quite a year full of ups and downs or downright crazy moments. I guess every year can feel like it’s the worse. I did have a lot of good things happening despite dealing with the same old things. Every year, I jot down what games are my games of the year. These … Continue reading 2021 Games of the Year

Resident Evil 3 Remake: First Impression

I was super excited that Capcom announced that Resident Evil Nemesis was getting a remake. I had hopes with the remake of part 2 that Nemesis would soon follow. After all, both games go hand and hand together and truly depict the end of Racoon City. Nemesis was the first time in a Resident Evil … Continue reading Resident Evil 3 Remake: First Impression