Favorite Games: Atari 2600

I’ve been seeing a lot of people post their favorite games per system on Twitter and was really inspired to do my own. I decided to start with my first system and work my way to the PS4.

I got the Atari 2600 when I was six years old. Atari was really more of a getaway for my Dad and me to play together though it was bought for the family. I really don’t remember when the system came into our lives, but, I do recall being memorized by the sights and sounds of this video game system.

I really regret not being old enough to appreciate the Atari as I do now. I did have tons of fun and it still holds a lot of fond memories for me. I really can only think of two games that I constantly played although we did own more.

SwordQuest Earth world: I consider this my first RPG even though I was very young and really didn’t understand anything or what I had to. I do remember going through the various doors of the zodiac that would be different colors and monsters. What I liked most about the game was that it really started the drive to explore my surroundings, to take my time to find the answer to solutions, and creating maps are ideal. One of my favorite moments isn’t really with the game but the comic that came with it. My dad would read to me the comic before bed doing different voices and making the comic stretch for weeks or even months at a time.

Fathoms: I never got really far in this game. I just remember sitting with my little sister, taking turns and struggling as we tried in vain to rescue the mermaid. I remember how my dad would watch us with a giant grin on his face as we failed and failed. I can still picture us giggling as we tried every other way to ram the cage only to give up until my dad sat down to show us there was more to it.

What are games for the Atari 2600 that are your favorites? What games do you think I should try out on the Atari?

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