Gal*Gun Double Peace review

I always like scrolling through the PSN store, especially during sales, to see what games are available and what I might decide to pick up. I tend to look for games that are either horror or RPG but I like getting games that don’t fit that role at times. I recently picked up a game that is so zany that I felt compelled to try it and I really had a great time.

Gal*Gun Double Peace plot takes place in a local high school where our main protagonist, a young man named Houdai Kudoki, is a second-year student and is minding his own business when his life is turned upside down by Ekoro. She is a student cupid angel in the process of an exam that has her strike a student with a love arrow, which will help the student find the love of their life and her final exam, unfortunately, is Houdai. Ekoro notices that Kurona, a demon student in her own exam, has the same intended target of Houdai. In an effort to strike the target first, Ekoro accidentally increases the dose of the arrow by thirty-two times the intended amount. The end result is that every female from teachers to the students become madly in love with Houdai. The increased dose has an unintended side effect; if Houdai does not find his true love by sundown, he will be destined for a life alone as he will not even have love from his own family.

Sisters Shinobu and Maya, two students at the academy and childhood friends of Houdai are also relevant to the plot since they are not affected by the curse due to a hidden profession and the sisters spend the game hunting Kurona.

What I really found myself drawn to Gal*Gun Double Peace is that it incorporates a bunch of different gaming genres like shooting mixed with a dating simulator elements and they blend so well together. I really found it easy to learn the game mechanics. It’s your standard first person shooter where the targets will come up everywhere. There’s a small gap where you can search for the weak point which will be in kanji. If you are trying to measure the breasts and hips per each female, you can shoot them anywhere and they’ll be stun allowing you to do so. The dating sim aspect is you’re able to choose who your destined one is. In the beginning, there are only two options between the sisters but as you beat the game you’ll unlock more potential mates.  I enjoyed the absurdity of this game. It really didn’t take itself seriously and a lot of the game moments between the character’s interactions I found hilarious.

The fan service is a hit and miss for me. Some parts, I didn’t mind and found it to be hilarious especially in the Doki Doki Mode which allows you to score more points by hitting the targeted female anywhere on her body. I just found it hilarious, but, that’s me. The other times, I found it a bit too much especially during the mini-games to raise affection once you decided on who you want to be yours. I chose Maya during my stream and I had to do two mini-games to raise her affection. One is where she gets trapped in a sticky demon trap so during the mini-game she’s just trapped in a manner that was just awkward since it was a lot of sexually suggestive poses.

This fan service wasn’t for me, but, I still found it hilarious at times.

One major aspect I dislike was the controls during the mini-games and boss battles. Like any first-person shooter, it requires precision to land the correct hits on the targeted area within a time limit. Missing the area, results in your chosen partner complaining and I’m assuming points get deducted from the score. I had to search all over to find little demon heads to shoot and while it’s not a huge issue it just felt like it could have been better if those pesky demons had some sort of clue to the location. Another thing that made it difficult is the controls for the mini-game since you have to use the touchpad in certain parts. I found that when I was playing since the touchpad was stiff and awkward to use.

This game is really a lot of fun. I had a blast shooting my way to find my hero’s destined love. I know this game isn’t for everyone, but, I think if you decide to branch out into this zany game you may not be disappointed. It’s a fun game that I really enjoyed streaming and I can’t wait for the sequel.


  1. I enjoyed seeing you stream this awhile ago, and this is a great sum up
    of the experience. It kind of reminded me of both Senran Kagura, and Operation Wolf.

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