Games that time forgot

On twitter, a friend of mine made a hashtag in reference to games that time forgot. A lot of people had games that I never heard of and made me interested in learning more. It also had me showing off some of my collection even games that are still well known.  🙂

I was thinking of games that should really get their due. Games that, I feel, never got a fair shake or just fall through the cracks. So, here’s my list of five games/series that I feel should get a second shot.

  1. Shadow Hearts
  2. Breath of Fire
  3. Final Fantasy 3
  4. Rules of Rose
  5. Legend of Dragoon

Shadow Hearts is the sequel to Koudelka. It’s spawned two additional sequels but after “From the new world” that was it. The game really brought a different kind of RPG world that was sorely missing. The game has a gothic feel with hilarious monsters, memorable characters, and a touching story that will have you in tears. The first two games really did especially with Yuri and Alice.

Breath of Fire got its humble start on the SNES with the last game being on the PSP.  The series always features Ryu and Nina who are staples for this series as the protagonists. This game is a fun game that really grew with each game into a more complex RPG. You can see the growth with BOF3 and especially BOF4.

Final Fantasy 3, or better known as Final Fantasy 6, is one of my favorites in the Final Fantasy series. It really has everything you could ask for in a game. It has an amazing musical score by Nobuo Uematsu, breathtaking art by Yoshitaka Amano and in the middle of saving the world an opera scene. This game did get one remake on the GBA system that featured a new dungeon but it really deserves another opportunity to shine.

Rules of Rose is a survival horror title that deals with very unsettling themes as you help Jennifer uncover the mystery of the Red Crayon Aristocrats and her connection to them. It’s one the few survival horror titles that dive headfirst into psychological horror but also is very disturbing at the hidden implications of the young female cast. It’s a game I feel would thrive well on the newer systems because of how different a take it is to the genre.  It’s a game you really can’t forget.

Legend of Dragoon was an RPG that, I feel, was a shining star for PS and is available for PS3 through PSN. It’s an amazing RPG that is the first to really bring new life to the genre. It featured an amazing cast of characters, wonderful plot and a unique battle system when your character activated their dragoon ability. The game has untapped franchise potential and really could rival Final Fantasy series as a top contender. It’s just a shame that Sony has let this game fall into obscurity.

What series or game do you feel hasn’t gotten their fair share or deserves a reboot/remake?


    1. I completely agree and I hope publishers will take more of a chance and bring these games back. There’s so many games that can bring new life to a console if they just put them out.

    1. There’s a lot of games that I’m just finding out about that is making me hunt them down to play. I hope you do play Dragon Valor. I would love to watch you stream it 🙂

  1. I feel silly for never playing FF-III. I’ve played all but 2,3 and 14 (wasn’t interested in the MMO subscription fees) and Lightening Returns.

    I feel like time forgot some of the earlier PS/PS2 games like Pandemonium and Twisted Metal. I never hear about them anymore.

    I’m going to binge read your blog btw :3

    1. FF3 or FF6 was just a lot more fun than FF4 and the rest to me. It just has this charm that still lures me in.

      I really feel that there is a lot of hidden gems that I wish was available now.

      Oh wow. 🙂

  2. I have a few to add as well

    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
    Alan Wake
    ESPN NFL 2K Games
    Prince of Persia
    Mega Man
    Alan Wake
    Jade Empire
    Alpha Protocol

    I can keep going, but I’ll stop there :).

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