Retro game collecting

I just started rebuilding my game collection by trying to find complete in box (CIB) editions of the Japanese and American versions. I’m certainly trying but I would never have thought that the American releases would be so expensive. 

I was a bit naïve when I started, but, I got some great advice from some wonderful twitter friends. They gave me such great ideas and options that I never thought of so thank you! 😀

I’ve hunted at the few retro shops in my area that are becoming a mixed bag. I can find a few games that are a good deal, but, they are mostly for the newer systems vs what I’m looking for. I can find some older games for a decent price, but, the ones I’m looking for not so much. Luckily, I’m strategy guides and accessories for a decent price as they haven’t gone to insane with the price increase. I am finding a lot of the stores are just competing with eBay. It really sucks when there are games I want to play and have for my collection but the prices make it so hard.

I recently decided to shift my focus and aim for series that I enjoy versus trying to build a huge collection. The games I want to collect are games that I’m a huge fan of and want to play them again. I want to preserve the maps and manuals by scanning them and sharing with fans of the series. 

If you follow me on twitter then you have already seen the CIB I have bought for the Mega Drive system. I will do posts showcasing my collection soon. I’ve been getting some great luck on eBay with my purchases though on a few I have my eyes on it’s been a miss.  I haven’t had any luck with the English editions since they’re a lot of money but one day I’ll find that elusive deal.

What games are you guys collecting? I would love to know. Also, would you prefer having a huge gaming library or games that you enjoy and play?


  1. Hi Kate, I didn’t really intend to collect games in the beginning. I just bought games I really wanted, and since I have almost never sold any of them, they “accumulated” naturally. I think focusing on series and games you love is the right way to restart your collection.

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