Day 4 – Guilty Pleasure Game

I strictly play RPGS and survival horror though I enjoy finding different genres as well. I also have a huge love for quirky and strange games. ¬†It’s kind of like a breath of fresh air to play something different from the norm. At least, I think so. ūüôā

Mister Mosquito is my guilty pleasure game. It was developed by ZOOM Inc. for the PlayStation 2 (PS2). The game was first released in Japan by Sony in June and the following March in other territories as part of the Eidos Interactive “Fresh Games” label.

You play as a mosquito named Mister Mosquito, who has taken up residence in the house of the Yamada family and the family serves as the food source in the game. The player is tasked with sucking blood from specific body parts of the family members without being noticed. The goal is to stock up on blood through the summer so Mr. Mosquito will survive winter. If the player is not careful, the human will become stressed and eventually attack.

What I like about this game is that it’s so different from anything I ever played. It’s a fun game which focuses on strategy and tactical elements similar to Metal Gear Solid. All you do is¬†suck from a designated body area of the Yamada family. This will only be available at specific times and the challenge in bloodsucking is that each victim has a stress meter and must make sure that the victim stays unaware. Sucking too fast or too slow will increase the victim’s stress level and if Mister Mosquito is swatted while sucking blood, instant death occurs.

The fun parts¬†are the battle mode that happens if the family members notice¬†Mister Mosquito. It’s similar to a boss battle where the family member¬†will try to attack Mister Mosquito through various means and to calm them down the player must hit a number of pressure points, relieving them of tension. Once they are relaxed enough, they return to their business.

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