Let’s return to Silent Hill

I never thought that I would ever see anything more from Konami with the Silent Hill series. I thought that it would be lost to time until Konami decided to flip the script with the announcement of the remake of Silent Hill 2 and some new projects that I have renewed hope that this series will finally continue. It still feels like a dream that I won’t dare wake up from. I wanted to take some time to go over my thoughts on the remake of Silent Hill 2.

Silent Hill series was always different from other survival horror tales as it focused more on human nature that showcases both the light and dark side that is often overlooked. No one is a saint nor a sinner and in Silent Hill they are all judged for their crimes. The games have made me question my own darkness with my mental health issues by showing me that there is always an escape from the demons within if only I am brave enough to face them. It’s why I gravitated to the series so much as it felt like an escape from the nightmarish hell that I was stuck in at that time.

Silent Hill 2 wasn’t my first choice in the series. I just never liked James when I first ventured into his story. I felt this unsettling feeling while I was playing it that never really left and, admittedly, it was the reason I stopped playing it. The story was darker than the first where James was just trying to find his daughter. It felt all too real with the tales of molestation, abuse, trauma, murder, and suicide. The game felt like I was constantly ripping off a band aid only for it to reappear and I would need to do the act again and again. The game had a way to make me deal with my abuse and my declining mental state at the time. I just stopped playing after Angela walks through the flaming steps and never returned. The reality of what was going on was honestly too much for me and I felt like, weirdly, Angela was me. At least with the mental health and years of parental mental, emotional and physical abuse.

Imagine my surprise when Konami announced that Silent Hill was returning. I was blown away by the announcement and video footage. I am looking forward to returning to the nightmarish land of Silent Hill 2 where I hope to finally conquer this game. The preview video was very enticing, and it felt both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I was thinking that I was seeing an old friend, but he has changed for the better. The music, from what I’ve heard is hauntingly beautiful yet tragic. It just feels like I’m about to have my heart broken yet I don’t want to miss having that experience. The graphics are nothing short of what I expected, yet it adds more depth to the game. I can see so much more of the areas with details I wouldn’t have paid attention to on the original. All in all, the teaser has me excited to play this game.

What I don’t know is if anything has changed from the original story. I know that James is looking for his deceased wife, Mary in a town she loved so much. I am wondering if the story will focus on the cult aspect or even have James make a slight detour to Shephard’s Glen while journeying to Silent Hill. I wonder if this remake will feature new areas that James didn’t go into to further develop the story. Other than that, I have no idea if we’ll see Angela, Eddie, and Laura or if their roles have been updated or will remain the same. Will Maria still return to entice James, or will she be a whole new character? All these unanswered questions and I’ll have more as more information drops.

I honestly can’t wait to return to Silent Hill 2 and the news of a new installment that takes place in Japan. Let’s not forget another return to the silver screen by one of my favorite directors, Christophe Gans who directed the first Silent Hill movie. My expectations are on overhigh with all the new possibilities that this announcement has brought. I am looking forward to returning to the darkness and to face my nightmares.

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