2020 Games of the Year

2020 was a year that is certainly one I never thought I would experience. Every year has its ups and downs, but this year took the cake. I don’t recall ever experiencing such a  stressful and just downright depressing year as last year. However, even though it felt like a never ending game of Jumanji there were some positive highlights. I managed to work on some of my backlog, that is always growing, and even tried some games that came out this year. I also got to start painting and find that I enjoy it a lot.

I honestly had a tough time deciding what games as I have been taking care of my massive backlog. The games that I chose are the few that I feel deserve to be my games of the year of 2020. They brought a lot of joy and much needed happiness that 2020 was lacking.
Animal Crossing New Horizons

I really feel that this really came out at the right time last year. Almost like Nintendo knew that the shit was going to hit the fan. This game has been such a wonderful experience for me this year. It’s allowed me to focus on something positive for a change. I really enjoyed trying to figure out how to really shape my island to what I wanted and get inspired by the millions of users sharing their creations. The DIYs are  really cool features that were added for this game. They really allow me to have so many different options on how I want to shape my island. My favorite so far is the Halloween DIY. They added so much spooky items to craft that I had a blast. I honestly would love if they added the creation of haunted houses. The game is the one game I’ve been playing on my Switch. There’s something about shaping an island to make it into whatever I want that has proven to be enjoyable. I love interacting with my islanders, especially Dotty, and just trying to locate my favorites from the previous games. This game just feels like an old friend returning home for a visit. It just is a fun time where you can just relax and let your mind be at peace especially with how last year and this year has been.


I was always a fan of RE2. It was my go to  game for the original PlayStation and one  I mastered fully. I really enjoyed trying to beat my records, attempt to speed run, mowing down mobs with the infinite rocket launcher and just enjoy the story. Sadly, I never gave Nemesis a real shot when it first came out. I just played it for not super long and gave up at the point where Jill fell underground and had to fight a giant worm. I think I had a hard time getting into it and strongly preferred playing part 2. When Capcom decided to do a reboot of RE2, Nemesis soon followed. I wasn’t expecting me to really enjoy the nonstop rollercoaster thrill ride that this game had from the get go. The banter between Jill and Carlos really made this game so much more fun and I loved playing as Carlos. I really enjoyed running around Racoon City and trying to escape the never-ending nightmare. I’m really glad I gave Nemesis reboot a shot because it’s so much fun. I just wish Capcom would give more DLC like different missions in different areas of Raccoon City like the graveyard for example. Also, having additional outfits would be a nice touch. I would not mind Carlos killing the waves of the undead in a tuxedo similar to a James Bond of slaying the undead.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake 

This game has strongly made me invested to the realm of Cloud and company more so than watching the movies ever could or playing the other games. I just feel that this version was made for people like me who couldn’t get into the original.  The only aspect I didn’t care for was the motorcycle chase segments or the boss battles that ensued while on the damn bike. It wasn’t fun for me at all. I’m more of a bad driver in video games. What I mean is I crash into walls, other cars, even people. Adding fighting was hard for me to master. I did enjoy everything else: how the story changes, the voice acting,  the environment, and the combat. I love that the game really gave a lot to do and see compared to anything I thought this game would have. I really enjoyed the Honey Bee Inn scenario as it was totally bonkers and really made me laugh. Who knew that silent merc could bust a grove so easily? I am looking forward to seeing how the story will go from here with all the twists and turns. I have no idea what will happen. I just really enjoy this game and it has made want to one day return to the original.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition

This game has brought so much joy in my life after returning to the updated version. I am still playing and am working my way to grab all the necessary items to go to the world tree. This updated version has so much to do and so much more added that it feels like a completely brand-new game. I am over the moon with being able to play as 8 bit which is a huge bonus as I grew up playing Dragon Warrior on the NES as a kid. I also like how I can view different “worlds” of past games to get a glimpse on their story and cast of characters. I really love how this game has brought a sense of freshness from just being a simple remake with only a few updates. It completely feels like a new experience even though I know the overall plot. I find myself having a much easier time though I think it’s because I know what’s going to happen. Not that it’s a bad thing. I really am falling back in love with this series and this game is to thank for that.

What are your picks for your top games of last year? I would love to hear them.

One thought on “2020 Games of the Year

  1. Good picks! I know watching you play Nemesis (Nemmie) was a highlight for me! hehe. That and killing teens, but that was an old one. I mostly keep tabs on new games from people like you, I’m stuck in the past, but like keeping somewhat versed from others.

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