The Demo of Resident Evil 3

Capcom unleashed the demo of Resident Evil Nemesis on March 19. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be another timed demo like with RE2 or what the demo was going to showcase. What I got was an action-packed heart attack inducing thrill ride that I did not want to get off. It was everything I wanted in the RE2 remake and much more. I just want to just share my thoughts after devouring the demo.

Not having a timed demo was a huge blessing. It truly allowed me to fully explore what the game had to offer. It felt like a bigger piece of the Resident Evil pie and it left me wanting more. I wanted to try to find a way to gain access to the stores and see what was there. I won’t lie, the toy store made me feel like I was a young girl going to Child’s World. Looking through the windows made me have a huge yearning to play with all the toys. I’m kind of hoping that they’ll be a secret costume for Jill or Carlos where they wear the Mega Man outfit and shoot lasers. A girl can dream.

Exploring the streets of Racoon City was a dream come true and something that I felt was lacking in the remake of RE2. Seeing the destruction resulting from the panic caused by the virus was more terrifying than seeing the zombies roaming amiably looking for their next meal. Having zombies bang on the crudely made barricades just heightened my sense of impending doom. I loved walking around looking at everything the streets of Racoon City had to offer. Even in complete chaos, I could still make out what the city once was. It was just heartbreaking to see but made me yearn to explore every nook and cranny of downtown. I’m hoping that we will be able to fully explore the chaos of Raccoon City in the actual game.

I wonder if this will end up breaking down at some point in the final game.

I really enjoyed the banter between Carlos and Jill. Scratch that. I LOVED the banter between the two. It was a breath of fresh air and one that I felt lacking in RE2 remake between Leon and Claire. I just enjoyed having Carlos flirt with Jill and Jill responding with a “Fuck You.” It just felt right, and it was truly something I yearn to have more of. I’m not sure if the conversations between Jill and Carlos will be more prevalent or the radio will be of more use than the few cutscenes or gameplay in the demo. I certainly really want the radio to be used more as I felt it was such a waste in RE2. Hopefully, they’ll be enough of the banter between Jill and Carlos.

I wonder if Carlos will ask her to make a Jill Sandwich?

I did feel that the zombies were easier to take down than in RE2. It just seemed that it took less hits from the gun and headshots were easier. I don’t mind that though. I have zero aim so having enemies be on the ‘easier‘ side of things isn’t something I’m complaining about. I’ll take all the help I can get. I did have some issue with the dodging capability that Jill has in this game. I feel that it is a useful tactic to master to save ammunition and not get in the danger zone as often. It’s just one that I found for myself to be weird to use. Though I feel in order to not get killed as often, it is one I’ll need to practice. I know that the dodge was in the original game. I just never used it. I’m hoping with more practice it’ll be a useful skill or one where I just ignore. Time will tell.

Nemesis is one terrifying son of a bitch. Capcom him gave a whole set of moves to mess with Jill, including making tentacle zombies. I’m not sure if that was an added feature in the original game, but it certainly felt that it made trying to find a secure path to get out of dodge was near impossible unless you had luck or better aim than me. Having Nemesis jump around as I was trying to weave between zombies, barricades and other hazards just made my heart give up in defeat. His A.I has greatly improved where he feels more like a boss than an enemy where you can expose the glitch like in the original. I’m not looking forward to what else Nemesis has in store for the actual game unless I have a rocket launcher with infinite rounds. Just maybe, I’ll be ok.

Smiling bastard.

What I do hope is that they’ll be some sort of crossover between Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak. Have Jill run into Irons, evade Mr. X, see a scared Sherry running into the police department, run into the survivors of Outbreak and see Ada just walking calmly through a sea of carnage. While I doubt any if this will happen in Nemesis it would just be kind of cool to have these Easter eggs. Although, I am secretly hoping that this game will open new areas that previously weren’t in the original. I wouldn’t mind jumping back into the zoo to face off on some infected zoo animals. Also, Carlos needs to say his infamous line otherwise it wouldn’t be Resident Evil Nemesis.

All in all, the demo really had me excited for this remake. It felt like another exciting edition to the long-lasting franchise. I am super looking forward to sinking my teeth into this remake. I can’t wait to see what’s in store this time around. I really feel like this will be a nonstop thrill ride that I might never want to get off of.

What are your thoughts on the demo? Are you still on the fence or excited to play this remake?

One thought on “The Demo of Resident Evil 3

  1. “action-packed heart attack inducing thrill ride” – haha, love that descriptor! It’s also feels right when girls respond to my flirting with a “f-U”! lol. Buy one megaman get one 50% off?! Yeah! Enjoyed reading your thoughts and I hope to see you stream it someday, that would be awesome!


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