Resident Evil 3 Remake: First Impression

I was super excited that Capcom announced that Resident Evil Nemesis was getting a remake. I had hopes with the remake of part 2 that Nemesis would soon follow. After all, both games go hand and hand together and truly depict the end of Racoon City. Nemesis was the first time in a Resident Evil game that I truly felt fear. Every corner, every shadow, and every nook and cranny felt like some new hiding place. I truly felt that he was out there lurking, ready to pounce with his infamous “STARS” echoing throughout the nightmarish landscape of Raccoon City. Nowhere felt safe, not even the safe rooms. I remember running from the Nemesis, barely making it to a safe room. All I could do was remain in there with Nemesis desperately pounding on the door trying to get in, with the walls feeling that they could give out at any time. I never felt that I had time to fully explore the different areas without Nemesis coming at any moment. It was truly a fantastic addition to the Resident Evil series that gave Jill more of a starring role and introduced one of my favorite characters, Carlos. So, when the news was released I immediately felt like a young kid on Christmas.

When I saw the leaked image of Resident Evil 3, my first thought was that it was a hoax. I didn’t hear anything from Capcom and a search to see if it was legit was met with nothing. It wasn’t until Capcom unveiled the trailer that my excitement took over and the wave of nostalgia hit me like a brick. The trailer truly reminded me of S.D. Perry’s novelization of the game, which I highly recommend hunting down and reading. It gave a nice homage to the classic game and added new elements that made the game feel fresh. While the trailer didn’t show much in terms of actual gameplay, it did show enough to get me excited about what the game might be. It had me thinking of what I wanted to see in the game. The second trailer finally hit, and I was able to sink my teeth fully into what this game will offer. It felt like a rollercoaster of horror and had me pumped from start to finish.

I saw some comments criticizing Jill’s new look online and couldn’t tell if people were serious or not. I can see why some would want her to be exactly like the version from the original game and movie adaption. I knew that based on the style decisions made for the remake of RE2 that the developers would redesign Jill just like they did with all the main characters. I really don’t mind Jill’s new look as it’s not much of a departure from her “classic” look. I prefer it since it makes her look like more of a seasoned veteran than a woman going out to the club in the middle of fall. I just think it suits her more after the events of the first game. Plus, she really reminds me of Milla Jovovich in certain cutscenes.

The mistress of unlocking

I am, however, on the fence with Carlos. I think that his look is so far different from the original that it’s hard for me to see Carlos as Carlos. I think I need to play as him and see in action to get more of a feel. I just do hope that they keep his best line in this game if for no other reason than for shit and giggles. I am excited to see that his character really is more fleshed out in the remake than the original. I’m merely basing this upon the trailers. I do hope that we will be able to play as Carlos more in the remake. Maybe have more playable areas than just him going to the hospital. I wouldn’t mind having the game be also in Carlos’s prescriptive.

Nemesis was the one I really wanted to see more of. I was very happy that this trailer really showed him in action. They didn’t give away a whole lot, mostly just enough to know that dear old Nemesis really being more of a dick than Mr. X was in the remake. Just from the brief glimpses of Nemesis chasing after Jill I get the feeling it’s going to be very intense game. I truly had my skin crawl just watching him in action. I do hope they give him some updated moves and updated arsenal as he chases Jill around the dying city of Racoon. Also, Capcom added him in the demo of RE2 where you can listen to his famous line of “STARS”.  And, it was truly a scary moment as I felt that Nemesis would come out from the shadows at any moment to get me.

The biggest surprise was seeing Brad having, what I hope to be, a bigger role in this remake. I wouldn’t mind seeing dear old Chicken Heart Vickers’ role expand a bit more, either, even if his fate is the same. It would be nice to have some sort of Jill/Brad action battling Nemesis as they head to the RPD. I would be happy if there were a situation where you can play as Brad to see if he has a special gun, much like his S.T.A.R.S teammates, or if he has a special skill that can be used for some sort of new puzzle for an item that will help Jill. I also wouldn’t mind if he got the special key to the locker in the RPD that Claire or Leon had to get in order to unlock special costumes as an Easter egg or even to unlock a costume for Jill.

Cannot wait to see what misadventures Chicken Hart Vickers gets himself into.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of tie-in to Resident Evil 2, especially in the RPD building. I want to say that on the second floor, where we meet the licker for the first time, the busted wall could be foreshadowing of Nemesis hunting down Jill. I think it would be cool to have Mr. X chase down Jill only for Nemesis to burst open the wall and become a clash of the titans. I also wouldn’t mind it if there was a way to sort of see Irons taking Sherry to the orphanage or even Katherine in more of a role as she heads toward her fate. I have heard that Marvin will have more of a role in this game and I am really looking forward to seeing him shine again.

I am very excited to get my hands on this game in April. I can’t wait to see what is in store this time around with RE Nemesis just like the excitement I had with the remake of 2. What are your thoughts? Are you going to get the game day one or wait until all the hype has died down to try it yourself?

One thought on “Resident Evil 3 Remake: First Impression

  1. I don’t know how much hype I have for this, I’ve actually avoided a lot of it so far. I do know that if it’s of the same caliber as the RE2 Remake then it will be better than anything anyone expects. I probably won’t get it day one, but mostly for money reasons but I do know already that I’ll end up with it even if I never finish it.


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